Hi Eugene,

The FAQ page looks very good!
Some links on the left side do not work, but I assume
they will work tomorrow, when the real page goes alive.


Eugene Loh wrote:
Zou, Lin (GE, Research, Consultant) wrote:
Hi all,
I want to trace my program, having used vampirTrace to generate  tracing info, except for Vampir, where can I download free tools to parse the tracing info?
Thanks in advance.
This message appeared on the users list yesterday.  For a long time, I've been meaning to add a perf-tool section to the FAQ.  I finally did so, incorporating questions and answers from the users and devel lists that I've seen on this subject in the last few months.  I just put the changes back and as soon as I see the pages "live" I'll respond to the user on the user list.  Please take a look.  You can make changes as you like or give me feedback and I can do it.

I acknowledge that there is a conflict of interests in my recommending Sun MPI Analyzer, but I believe I've done so tastefully and appropriately!  Throw tomatoes if you see fit.

P.S.  Until the page goes live, I'll also leave it at http://www.osl.iu.edu/~eloh/faq/?category=perftools .  Or, check out a workspace.

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