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From: "Matt Mackall" <>
Date: March 4, 2009 8:27:44 PM EST
To: "mercurial" <>
Subject: Mercurial 1.2 released!

This is a larger feature release. Visit
for downloads and more information.

General features:

      * explicit closing of named branches via hg commit --close-branch
      * hg now accepts options given after arguments on the commandline
      * added translation support with initial Danish, Chinese and
        Italian translations
      * added optional pure-Python versions of C modules
      * pending changesets can now be accessed safely from hooks
      * diff: added -c option to show single changeset
      * many improvements to the documentation and online help topics


      * convert:
              * new support for perforce sources
              * improvements to handling cvs sources
              * improvements to handling gnu arch source
              * improvements to handling darcs sources
      * bookmarks:
              * set current to new when current is renamed
              * bookmarks: Add track.current option
              * bookmarks: add bookmarks to tags
      * mq: allow qpop when it won't invalidate any dirstate parents
      * patchbomb: respect diff settings
      * rebase: pull --rebase updates if there is nothing to rebase
      * bugzilla: updated to work with Bugzilla 3.2
      * zeroconf: added more documentation

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