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Ahh, and then I woke up....

This might not be an issue (or a big one), but I have some code I am
working on that replaces memcpy with an opal memcpy routine. Does your
change below remove the ability of the BTLs to call opal routines?


Richard Graham wrote:
> Now that 1.3 will be released, we would like to go ahead with the plan
> to move the btl’s out of the MPI layer. Greg Koenig who is doing most
> of the work has started a wiki page with details on the plans. Right
> now details are sketchy, as Greg is digging through the code, and has
> only hand written notes on data structures that need to be moved,
> include files that are not needed, etc. The page is at:
> _
> The first three steps basically only involve code motion, moving items
> such as ompi_list, and renaming them, moving where the code is
> actually located in the repository, and the like. For these we do not
> plan to put out a formal RFC, but comments are very welcome, and any
> hands that are willing to help with this are even more welcome.
> The last phase where the btl’s are made dependent on OPAL, and
> supporting libraries such as mpools I expect will be disruptive, and
> will definitely require an RFC, and will also be a longer process.
> Please send comments,
> Rich
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