Now that 1.3 will be released, we would like to go ahead with the plan to move the btl’s out of the MPI layer.  Greg Koenig who is doing most of the work has started a wiki page with details on the plans.  Right now details are sketchy, as Greg  is digging through the code, and has only hand written notes on data structures that need to be moved, include files that are not needed, etc.  The page is at:

The first three steps basically only involve code motion, moving items such as ompi_list, and renaming them, moving where the code is actually located in the repository, and the like.  For these we do not plan to put out a formal RFC, but comments are very welcome, and any hands that are willing to help with this are even more welcome.

The last phase where the btl’s are made dependent on OPAL, and supporting libraries such as mpools I expect will be disruptive, and will definitely require an RFC, and will also be a longer process.

Please send comments,