Dear Developers
I am back.. This time i am actually facing a problem. I should have send the problem to eventlib mailing list first, but I thought your guys must be more current with what I am doing, so i tried this list first.

I am trying to port xensockets to openmpi. In principle, I have the framework and everything, but there seems to be a small issue, I cannot get libevent (or OPAL) to give callbacks for receive (or send) for xensockets. I have tried to implement  native code  for xensockets  with libevent library,  again the same issue.  No  call backs! . With normal sockets, callbacks do come easily.

So question is,  do the socket/file descriptors have to have some special mechanism attached to them to support callbacks for libevent/opal? i.e some structure/magic?. i.e. maybe the developers of xensockets did not add that callback/interrupt thing at the time of creation. Xensockets is open source, but my knowledge about these issues is limited. So I though some pointer in right direction might be useful.

Second question is, what if we cannot have the callbacks. What is the recommended way to implement the btl component for such a device? Do we need to do this with event timers?
Best Regards,
Muhammad Atif
PS: google was not helpful. :)

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