all three VT related errors which MTT reported should be fixed now.

The fix from George Bosilca at this morning should work on MacOS PPC. Thanks!

The compile error occurred due to a missing header include.
Futhermore, the compiler warnings should be also fixed.

I have added a check whether MPI I/O is available and add the corresponding VT's
configure option to enable/disable MPI I/O support. Therefor I used the variable
"define_mpi_io" from 'ompi/mca/io/configure.m4'. Is that o.k. or should I use another
variable ?


On Di, 2008-01-29 at 09:19 -0500, Jeff Squyres wrote:
I got a bunch of compiler warnings and errors with VT on the PGI  
compiler last night -- my mail client won't paste it in nicely.  :-(

See these MTT reports for details:

- On Absoft systems:
- On Cisco systems:
   With PGI compilers:
   With GNU compilers:

The output may be a bit hard to read -- for MTT builds, we separate  
the stdout and stderr into 2 streams.  So you kinda have to merge them  
in your head; sorry...

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