Dear Developers
I am planning to port tcp component to xensocket, which is a fast interdomain communication mechanism for guest domains in Xen. I may add that Xensocket is one way socket and I must admit before writing further that I am totally new to OpenMPI or any other mpi implementation for that matter.

As per design, and the fact that these sockets are not normal sockets, I have to pass certain information (basically memory references, guest domain info etc) to other peers once sockets have been created. I understand that mca_pml_base_modex_send and recv (or simply using  mca_btl_tcp_component_exchange) can be used to exchange information, but I cannot seem to get them to communicate. So to put my question in a very simple way..... I want to create a socket structure containing necessary information, and then pass it to all other peers before start of actual mpi communication. What is the easiest way to do it.

Any pointer to right direction is appreciated.
Thanks and Best Regards

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