On 11/2/07 12:21 PM, "Jeff Squyres" <jsquyres@cisco.com> wrote:

The freelist changes from yesterday appear to have broken the openib
btl.  We didn't get lots of test failures in MTT last night only
because there was a separate (unrelated) typo in the ofud BTL that
prevented the nightly tarball from building on any IB-capable
machines.  :-)

Rich hopes to look into fixing the openib BTL problem today; he
thinks it's a case of a simple oversight: the openib BTL is not using
the new freelist init functions.

Rich: are there other places that are not using the new init
functions that need to?

>> the ompi free list has two init functions, I changed just one.  The IB btl uses the
>> one I have not yet changed, but the pml uses the one I did change.

>> rich

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