That’s the plan.


On 10/12/07 8:21 AM, "Terry Dontje" <> wrote:

Will these new scripts be using the same wrapper config files as the
binaries were?


Richard Graham wrote:
> What:  Change the mpicc/mpicxx/mpif77/mpif90 from being binaries to being
> shell scripts
> Why: Our build environment assumes that wrapper compilers will use the same
> binary format that the Open MPI libraries do.  In cross-compile environment,
> the MPI wrapper compilers will run on the front-end and need to run on the
> front-end, and not the back-end.  Jeff has suggested this as the simplest
> way to build back-end libraries, and front-end wrapper-compilers.
> When: within the next several weeks (for the 1.3 release)
> Timeout: 10/19/2007
> Rich
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