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First it will depend wether you are writing a new component in an existing framework (let say you are writing a new BTL for a new type of interconnect) or a totally new framework (you want to have a family of component that can manage a totally new functionality in Open MPI). In each Framework there is a "base" which take care of the component selection process. If you are just adding a component, you will just need to provide a mca_mycomponent_init(bool enable_progress_threads, bool enable_mpi_threads) as described in the mca_component_t structure. The mca_framework_base_select will then take care of everything for you. If you want to add a new framework you'll have to create a selection function by yourself (all along with a full bunch of other functions to populate the base of the framework). I'll give you more details on this if it is relevant for you, just ask. 


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I am a complete newbie to Open MPI internals and just began browsing the code and reading up on slides and papers. From what I have read, I learned that I have to create a new component. What I do not know is how to make MPI aware of it or should I say make MPI open and select my component. I found a set of slides that briefly went over adding components. For example, it briefly described that I must add PARAM_INIT_FILE and PARAM_CONFIG_FILES options in configure.params, but I'm not sure what these mean. Does anybody know of any tutorials/documents that could help me with this?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

S Tabib
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