Yeah, my fix won't work for big endian machines - this is going to be an issue across the code base now, so we'll have to troll and fix it. I was doing the minimal change required to fix the trunk in the meantime.

On Jul 30, 2014, at 9:06 AM, George Bosilca <> wrote:

Yes. opal_process_name_t has basically no meaning by itself, it is a 64 bits storage location used by the upper layer to save some local key that can be later used to extract information. Calling the OPAL level compare function might be a better fit there.


On Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 11:50 AM, Gilles Gouaillardet <> wrote:

was it really that simple ?

proc_temp->super.proc_name has type opal_process_name_t :
typedef opal_identifier_t opal_process_name_t;
typedef uint64_t opal_identifier_t;


item_ptr->peer has type orte_process_name_t :
struct orte_process_name_t {
   orte_jobid_t jobid;
   orte_vpid_t vpid;

bottom line, is r32357 still valid on a big endian arch ?



On Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 11:49 PM, Ralph Castain <> wrote:
I just fixed this one - all that was required was an ampersand as the name was being passed into the function instead of a pointer to the name


On Jul 30, 2014, at 7:43 AM, Gilles GOUAILLARDET <> wrote:


r32353 can be seen as a suspect...
Even if it is correct, it might have exposed the bug discussed in #4815 even more (e.g. we hit the bug 100% after the fix)

does the attached patch to #4815 fixes the problem ?

If yes, and if you see this issue as a showstopper, feel free to commit it and drop a note to #4815
( I am afk until tomorrow)



Rolf vandeVaart <> wrote:

Just an FYI that my trunk version (r32355) does not work at all anymore if I do not include "--mca coll ^ml".    Here is a stack trace from the ibm/pt2pt/send test running on a single node.


(gdb) where

#0  0x00007f6c0d1321d0 in ?? ()

#1  <signal handler called>

#2  0x00007f6c183abd52 in orte_util_compare_name_fields (fields=15 '\017', name1=0x192350001, name2=0xbaf76c) at ../../orte/util/name_fns.c:522

#3  0x00007f6c0bea17be in bcol_basesmuma_smcm_allgather_connection (sm_bcol_module=0x7f6bf3b68040, module=0xb3d200, peer_list=0x7f6c0c0a6748, back_files=0x7f6bf3ffd6c8,

    comm=0x6037a0, input=..., base_fname=0x7f6c0bea2606 "sm_payload_mem_", map_all=false) at ../../../../../ompi/mca/bcol/basesmuma/bcol_basesmuma_smcm.c:237

#4  0x00007f6c0be98307 in bcol_basesmuma_bank_init_opti (payload_block=0xbc0f60, data_offset=64, bcol_module=0x7f6bf3b68040, reg_data=0xba28c0)

    at ../../../../../ompi/mca/bcol/basesmuma/bcol_basesmuma_buf_mgmt.c:302

#5  0x00007f6c0cced386 in mca_coll_ml_register_bcols (ml_module=0xba5c40) at ../../../../../ompi/mca/coll/ml/coll_ml_module.c:510

#6  0x00007f6c0cced68f in ml_module_memory_initialization (ml_module=0xba5c40) at ../../../../../ompi/mca/coll/ml/coll_ml_module.c:558

#7  0x00007f6c0ccf06b1 in ml_discover_hierarchy (ml_module=0xba5c40) at ../../../../../ompi/mca/coll/ml/coll_ml_module.c:1539

#8  0x00007f6c0ccf4e0b in mca_coll_ml_comm_query (comm=0x6037a0, priority=0x7fffe7991b58) at ../../../../../ompi/mca/coll/ml/coll_ml_module.c:2963

#9  0x00007f6c18cc5b09 in query_2_0_0 (component=0x7f6c0cf50940, comm=0x6037a0, priority=0x7fffe7991b58, module=0x7fffe7991b90)

    at ../../../../ompi/mca/coll/base/coll_base_comm_select.c:372

#10 0x00007f6c18cc5ac8 in query (component=0x7f6c0cf50940, comm=0x6037a0, priority=0x7fffe7991b58, module=0x7fffe7991b90)

    at ../../../../ompi/mca/coll/base/coll_base_comm_select.c:355

#11 0x00007f6c18cc59d2 in check_one_component (comm=0x6037a0, component=0x7f6c0cf50940, module=0x7fffe7991b90)

    at ../../../../ompi/mca/coll/base/coll_base_comm_select.c:317

#12 0x00007f6c18cc5818 in check_components (components=0x7f6c18f46ef0, comm=0x6037a0) at ../../../../ompi/mca/coll/base/coll_base_comm_select.c:281

#13 0x00007f6c18cbe3c9 in mca_coll_base_comm_select (comm=0x6037a0) at ../../../../ompi/mca/coll/base/coll_base_comm_select.c:117

#14 0x00007f6c18c52301 in ompi_mpi_init (argc=1, argv=0x7fffe79924c8, requested=0, provided=0x7fffe79922e8) at ../../ompi/runtime/ompi_mpi_init.c:918

#15 0x00007f6c18c86e92 in PMPI_Init (argc=0x7fffe799234c, argv=0x7fffe7992340) at pinit.c:84

#16 0x0000000000401056 in main (argc=1, argv=0x7fffe79924c8) at send.c:32

(gdb) up

#1  <signal handler called>

(gdb) up

#2  0x00007f6c183abd52 in orte_util_compare_name_fields (fields=15 '\017', name1=0x192350001, name2=0xbaf76c) at ../../orte/util/name_fns.c:522

522           if (name1->jobid < name2->jobid) {

(gdb) print name1

$1 = (const orte_process_name_t *) 0x192350001

(gdb) print *name1

Cannot access memory at address 0x192350001

(gdb) print name2

$2 = (const orte_process_name_t *) 0xbaf76c

(gdb) print *name2

$3 = {jobid = 2452946945, vpid = 1}





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>#4815 is indirectly related to the move :


>in bcol/basesmuma, we used to compare ompi_process_name_t, and now

>we (try to) compare an ompi_process_name_t and an opal_process_name_t

>(which causes a glory SIGSEGV)


>i proposed a temporary patch which is both broken and unelegant, could you

>please advise a correct solution ?






>On 2014/07/27 7:37, George Bosilca wrote:

>> If you have any issue with the move, Iíll be happy to help and/or support

>you on your last move toward a completely generic BTL. To facilitate your

>work I exposed a minimalistic set of OMPI information at the OPAL level. Take

>a look at opal/util/proc.h for more info, but please try not to expose more.



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