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Can you send me the config.log from this failure?



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I know Open MPI dropped support for the SPARC V8 ABI some time ago.
So, I configured with CC="gcc -mv8plus", but I still get:

checking if have Sparc v8+/v9 support... no
configure: WARNING: Sparc v8 target is not supported in this release of Open MPI.
configure: WARNING: You must specify the target architecture v8plus
configure: WARNING: (cc: -xarch=v8plus, gcc: -mcpu=v9) for CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS,
configure: WARNING: FFLAGS, and FCFLAGS to compile Open MPI in 32 bit mode on
configure: WARNING: Sparc processors
configure: error: Can not continue.

So, I am wondering if there is something flawed in the "have Sparc v8+/v9 support" or if gcc's "-mv8plus" is flawed.
Of course, I will follow the advise in the warning and use -mcpu=v9 instead of -mv8plus, but don't see why the later didn't work.  Any ideas what is going on?

And since this was found in 1.7.4rc2:


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