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On Jan 8, 2014, at 3:48 PM, Paul Hargrove <phhargrove@lbl.gov> wrote:

Note the following still indicates that "--bind-to none" is the default:

-bash-4.2$ mpirun --help | grep -A2 'bind-to '
   --bind-to <arg0>      Policy for binding processes [none (default) |
                         hwthread | core | socket | numa | board] (supported
                         qualifiers: overload-allowed,if-supported)

However, Jeff has clearly stated (http://www.open-mpi.org/community/lists/devel/2013/12/13456.php) that bind-to-core is to be the default in 1.7.4.

The --map-by and --rank-by outputs are similarly out-dated:

-bash-4.2$ mpirun --help | grep -A1 'map-by '
   --map-by <arg0>       Mapping Policy [slot (default) | hwthread | core |
                         socket | numa | board | node]
-bash-4.2$ mpirun --help | grep -A1 'rank-by '
   --rank-by <arg0>      Ranking Policy [slot (default) | hwthread | core |
                         socket | numa | board | node]


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