Hmmm...I see the problem. Looks like binding isn't supported on that system for some reason, so we need to turn "off" our auto-binding when we hit that condition. I'll check to see why that isn't happening (was supposed to do so)

On Jan 8, 2014, at 3:43 PM, Paul Hargrove <> wrote:

While I have yet to get a working build on NetBSD for x86-64 h/w, I *have* successfully built Open MPI's current 1.7.4rc tarball on NetBSD-6 for x86.  However, I can't *run* anything:

Attempting the ring_c example on 2 cores:
-bash-4.2$ mpirun -mca btl sm,self -np 2 examples/ring_c
While computing bindings, we found no available cpus on
the following node:

  Node:  pcp-j-17

Please check your allocation.

The failure is the same w/o "-mca btl sm,self"
Singleton runs fail just as the np=2 run did.

I've attached compressed output from "ompi_info --all".

Since this is probably an hwloc-related issue, I also build hwloc-1.7.2 from pristine sources.
I have attached compressed output of lstopo which NOTABLY indicates a failure to bind to both of the CPUs.

For now, an explicit "--bind-to none" is working for me.
Please let me know what additional info may be required.


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