Hi folks

This was one item from the last devel meeting that can be done independent of other things:

resolution: all opal and orte (and possibly ompi) classes need to have a thread safe and thread-free interface
_st suffix: single thread (i.e., not thread safe variant)
_mt suffix: multi thread (i.e., thread safe variant)
for functions that have both st/mt, they will *both* have suffixes
other functions (that do not have st/mt versions) will be naked names
need to rename all classes that have locking enabled already (e.g., opal_free_list)
so today, we go rename all the functions (e.g., opal_free_list functions get _mt suffix) throughout the code base
as someone needs the _st version, they go create it and use it as they want to
Ralph will do the orte classes
Aurelien will do this for the ompi classes

I believe some of these have been done - I will take care of the ORTE classes this week, so consider this a "heads up" for that change.