Request for Change:


What: Add support for Mellanox Technologies’ next-generation non-blocking collectives, code-named “libhcoll”. This comes in the form of a new “hcoll” component to the “coll” framework.   


Where: Trunk and 1.7


When: July 1


Why: In support of MPI 3, Mellanox Technologies will make available its next generation collectives library, “libhcoll”,  in MOFED 2.0 releases and higher starting in the late 2013 timeframe. “Libhcoll” adds support for truly asynchronous non-blocking collectives on supported HCAs (Connect X-3 and higher) via Mellanox Technologies’ CORE-Direct technology. “Libhcoll” also adds support for hierarchical collectives and features a highly scalable infrastructure battle tested and proven on some of the world’s largest HPC systems.    






Joshua S. Ladd, PhD

HPC Algorithms Engineer

Mellanox Technologies



Cell: +1 (865) 258 - 8898