I've found error in OpenMPI with error codes.

According to MPI standard (2.2 and later):

MPI_ERR_LASTCODE must be equals to last error code and MPI_LASTUSEDCODE must be greater than or equal to MPI_ERR_LASTCODE.


In OpenMPI MPI_ERR_LASTCODE is greater than real last error code (MPI_ERR_WIN) for 1 and MPI_LASTUSEDCODE hardcoded linked with MPI_ERR_WIN. So, possible situation when MPI_LASTUSEDCODE (equals to MPI_ERR_WIN) is less than MPI_ERR_LASTCODE.


I've investigated it and prepared patch (based on non-configured openmpi-1.7rc8 code) which corrects it and makes appending of new predefined error codes more easy. Please find it in attachments.



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