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The following 2 fragment from config/orte_check_alps.m4 appear to be contradictory.
By that I mean the first appears to mean that "--with-alps" with no argument means /opt/cray/alps/default/... for CLE5 and /usr/... for CLE4, while the second fragment appears to be doing the opposite:

                   if test "$using_cle5_install" = "yes"; then

           if test "$using_cle5_install" = "yes" ; then
                  AS_IF([test "$with_alps" = "yes"],
                  AS_IF([test "$with_alps" = "yes"],

At least based on header and lib locations on NERSC's XC30 (CLE 5.0.15) and XE6 (CLE 4.1.40), the first fragment is correctwhile the second fragment is "backwards" (the two calls to AS_IF should be exchanged, or the initial "test" should be inverted).

?? It looks correct to me - if with_alps is "yes", then no path was given and we have to look at a default location. If it isn't yes, then a path was given and we use it.

Am I missing something?

Note this same logic is present in both trunk and v1.7 (in SVN - I am not looking at tarballs this time).


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