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By way of introduction, I'm a TORQUE developer and I probably should've joined this list - even if only to keep myself informed - years ago. 

At any rate, we're in the process of changing TORQUE so that it compiles using g++ instead of gcc. We're starting to use some C++ constructs to make our lives easier. In doing this, we've noticed that OpenMPI doesn't like TORQUE's libraries when built by gcc, it fails at the configure time claiming in can't find tm_init() in libtorque.so. I've been trying to track down exactly why, and where I am now is making me think that something in the configure script is assuming that TORQUE's libraries are compiled by gcc. Is there someone who could advise me on how to resolve this issue?

We assume that we can link lib torque into a C application (if this is a problem for you, it's a huge deal breaker for us, since OMPI is a C library).  What does config.log say when checking for tm_init?


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