Interesting - I can certainly fix the test so it lets make check complete.

FWIW: I didn't know we were running on BG/Q - does it work? I assume this is with slurm?

On Sep 11, 2012, at 12:34 PM, Paul Hargrove <> wrote:

In testing 1.6.2rc2 on a BG/Q front-end I've encountered the following failure from "make check":

 Failure : Mismatch: input "/soft", expected:0 got:1
SUPPORT: OMPI Test failed: opal_path_nfs() (1 of 20 failed)
FAIL: opal_path_nfs

What I find digging deeper is that the mount of /soft is a bit unusual (at least to me):

$ grep /soft /etc/fstab
/gpfs/vesta_scratch/software  /soft none  _netdev,bind   0 0
$ mount | grep /soft
/gpfs/vesta_scratch/software on /soft type none (rw,bind,_netdev)
$ grep /soft /proc/mounts 
/dev/vesta_scratch /soft gpfs rw,relatime 0 0

Looking into the mount man page I find that the "_netdev" is NOT a problem, just an keyword used to identify mounts that require network access to implement " -O no_netdev" in mount.
The "problem" that opal_path_nfs is encountering is that this is a "bind" mount which makes an already mounted fs (or subtree of one) available at a second location.

If I am understanding "expected:0 got:1" correctly this failure shows that the TEST is getting this case (bind-mount of GPFS fs) incorrect.
So, this is a BENIGN failure, but distracting (and preventing "make check" from completing).


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