Indeed.  Sorry to jump late back into the melee.  I did reproduce the problem on a second SPARC system, to answer Ralph's earlier question;  I don't know how interesting that is given that it's very similar to the original system.  And, to corroborate Paul's AMD observation, we have an x86/Solaris/Studio system that is *not* seeing the problem.  Thanks to Paul for identifying the likely cause of the problem.

On 8/24/2012 6:32 PM, Ralph Castain wrote:
Thanks Paul!! That is very helpful - hopefully the ORNL folks can now fix the problem.

On Aug 24, 2012, at 6:29 PM, Paul Hargrove <> wrote:

I *can* reproduce the problem on SPARC/Solaris-10 with the SS12.3 compiler and an ALMOST vanilla configure:
$ [path_to]configure \
       --prefix=[blah]  CC=cc CXX=CC F77=f77 FC=f90 \
       CFLAGS="-m64"  --with-wrapper-cflags="-m64"  CXXFLAGS="-m64"  --with-wrapper-cxxflags="-m64" \
       FFLAGS="-m64"  --with-wrapper-fflags="-m64"  FCFLAGS="-m64"  --with-wrapper-fcflags="-m64" \
       CXXFLAGS="-m64 -library=stlport4"

I did NOT manage to reproduce on AMD64/Solaris-11, which completed a build w/ VT disabled.
Unfortunately I have neither SPARC/Solaris-11 nor AMD64/Solaris-10 readily available to disambiguate the key factor.
Hopefully it is enough to know that the problem is reproducible w/o Oracle's massive configure commandline.

The build isn't complete, but I can already see that the symbol has "leaked" into libmpi:

$ grep -arl mca_coll_ml_memsync_intra BLD/

It is referenced by mca_coll_ml_generic_collectives_launcher:

$ nm BLD/ompi/.libs/ | grep -B1 mca_coll_ml_memsync_intra
00000000006a6088 t mca_coll_ml_generic_collectives_launcher
                 U mca_coll_ml_memsync_intra

This is coming from libmca_bcol.a:
$ nm BLD/ompi/mca/bcol/.libs/libmca_bcol.a | grep -B1 mca_coll_ml_memsync_intra
0000000000005248 t mca_coll_ml_generic_collectives_launcher
                 U mca_coll_ml_memsync_intra

This appears to be via the following chain of calls within coll_ml.h:


All of which are marked as "static inline __opal_attribute_always_inline__".


On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 4:55 PM, Paul Hargrove <> wrote:
OK, I have a vanilla configure+make running on both SPARC/Solaris-10 and AMD64/Solaris-11.
I am using the 12.3 Oracle compilers in both cases to match the original report.
I'll post the results when they complete.

In the meantime, I took a quick look at the code and have a pretty reasonable guess as to the cause.
Looking at ompi/mca/coll/ml/coll_ml.h I see:

   827  int mca_coll_ml_memsync_intra(mca_coll_ml_module_t *module, int bank_index);
   996  static inline __opal_attribute_always_inline__
   997          int mca_coll_ml_buffer_recycling(mca_coll_ml_collective_operation_progress_t *ml_request)
   998  {
  1023                  rc = mca_coll_ml_memsync_intra(ml_module, ml_memblock->memsync_counter);
  1041  }

Based on past experience w/ the Sun/Oracle compilers on another project (See ), I suspect that this static-inline-always function is being emitted by the compiler in every object which includes this header even if they don't call it..  The call on line 1023 then results in the undefined reference to mca_coll_ml_memsync_intra.  Basically it is not safe for an inline function in a header to call an extern function that isn't available to every object that includes the header REGARDLESS of whether the object invokes the inline function or not.


On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 4:40 PM, Ralph Castain <> wrote:
Oracle uses an abysmally complicated configure line, but nearly all of it is irrelevant to the problem here. For this, I would suggest just doing a vanilla ./configure - if the component gets pulled into libmpi, then we know there is a problem.


Just FYI: here is there actual configure line, just in case you spot something problematic:

CC=cc CXX=CC F77=f77 FC=f90  --with-openib  --enable-openib-connectx-xrc  --without-udapl 
--disable-openib-ibcm  --enable-btl-openib-failover   --without-dtrace  --enable-heterogeneous
--enable-cxx-exceptions --enable-shared --enable-orterun-prefix-by-default --with-sge
--enable-mpi-f90 --with-mpi-f90-size=small  --disable-peruse --disable-state 
--disable-mpi-thread-multiple   --disable-debug  --disable-mem-debug  --disable-mem-profile 
CFLAGS="-xtarget=ultra3 -m32 -xarch=sparcvis2 -xprefetch -xprefetch_level=2 -xvector=lib -Qoption
cg -xregs=no%appl -xdepend=yes -xbuiltin=%all -xO5"  CXXFLAGS="-xtarget=ultra3 -m32
-xarch=sparcvis2 -xprefetch -xprefetch_level=2 -xvector=lib -Qoption cg -xregs=no%appl -xdepend=yes
-xbuiltin=%all -xO5 -Bstatic -lCrun -lCstd -Bdynamic"  FFLAGS="-xtarget=ultra3 -m32 -xarch=sparcvis2
-xprefetch -xprefetch_level=2 -xvector=lib -Qoption cg -xregs=no%appl -stackvar -xO5" 
FCFLAGS="-xtarget=ultra3 -m32 -xarch=sparcvis2 -xprefetch -xprefetch_level=2 -xvector=lib -Qoption
cg -xregs=no%appl -stackvar -xO5"  
--mandir=${prefix}/man  --bindir=${prefix}/bin  --libdir=${prefix}/lib 
--includedir=${prefix}/include   --with-tm=/ws/ompi-tools/orte/torque/current/shared-install32 
--enable-contrib-no-build=vt --with-package-string="Oracle Message Passing Toolkit "
--with-ident-string="@(#)RELEASE VERSION 1.9openmpi-1.5.4-r1.9a1r27092"

and the error he gets is:

make[2]: Entering directory
  CCLD     ompi_info
Undefined			first referenced
 symbol  			    in file
mca_coll_ml_memsync_intra           ../../../ompi/.libs/
ld: fatal: symbol referencing errors. No output written to .libs/ompi_info
make[2]: *** [ompi_info] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory
make[1]: *** [install-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory
make: *** [install-recursive] Error 1

On Aug 24, 2012, at 4:30 PM, Paul Hargrove <> wrote:

I have access to a few different Solaris machines and can offer to build the trunk if somebody tells me what configure flags are desired.


On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 8:54 AM, Ralph Castain <> wrote:
Eugene - can you confirm that this is only happening on the one Solaris system? In other words, is this a general issue or something specific to that one machine?

I'm wondering because if it is just the one machine, then it might be something strange about how it is setup - perhaps the version of Solaris, or it is configuring --enable-static, or...

Just trying to assess how general a problem this might be, and thus if this should be a blocker or not.

On Aug 24, 2012, at 8:00 AM, Eugene Loh <> wrote:

> On 08/24/12 09:54, Shamis, Pavel wrote:
>> Maybe there is a chance to get direct access to this system ?
> No.
> But I'm attaching compressed log files from configure/make.
> <tarball-of-log-files.tar.bz2>_______________________________________________
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Paul H. Hargrove                
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