On 7/5/2012 5:47 PM, Shamis, Pavel wrote:
I mentioned on the call that for Mellanox devices (+OFA verbs) this resource is really cheap. Do you run mellanox hca + OFA verbs ?
(I'll reply because I know Terry is offline for the rest of the day)

Yes, he does.
I asked because SUN used to have own verbs driver.
I noticed this on a Solaris machine, I am not sure I have the same set up for Linux but I'll look and see if I can reproduce the same issue on Linux.


The heart of the question: is it incorrect to assume that we'll consume (num CQE * CQE size) registered memory for each QP opened?
QP or CQ ?  I think you don't want to assume anything there. Verbs (user and kernel) do their own magic there.
I think Mellanox should address this question.

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