Hi folks

Those of you working with svn checkouts may encounter a problem if you attempt to "make dist", or see strange values for version info in "ompi_info". The reason for this is a recent breakage in sqlite as used by subversion:

$ svnversion 
svn: E200030: sqlite: callback requested query abort 
svn: E200030: sqlite: callback requested query abort 
$ echo $? 

I've seen a number of other reports of this issue, including freebsd: 


This error occurs when sqlite is upgraded to 3.7.11, it works fine 

We use the RELEASE statement, which has a bug in 3.7.11, scheduled to 
be fixed in 3.7.12. From 
http://www.sqlite.org/draft/releaselog/3_7_12.html: "Bug fix: Fix the 
RELEASE command so that it does not cancel pending queries. This 
repairs a problem introduced in 3.7.11" 

This causes "make dist" to fail, and you get a strange "no subversion" string in ompi_info. Nothing else is impacted - everything still builds fine, you can still commit/update, etc.

Just an FYI so you don't waste time (as I did) trying to figure out what went wrong...