I am thinking MEMORY_LINUX_PTMALLOC2 is probably the right define to key off of but this is really going to look gross ifdef'ing out the lines that are accessing the Linux memory module.  One other idea I have is to create a dummy __malloc_hook in the Solaris memory module but might there be other OSes that could run into the same problem?   Or what happens if PTMALLOC2 is not used (does that happen)?


On 4/13/2012 10:45 AM, TERRY DONTJE wrote:
r26255 is forcing the use of __malloc_hook which is implemented in opal/mca/memory/linux however that is not compiled in the library when built on Solaris thus causing a referenced symbol not found when libmpi tries to load the openib btl. 

I am looking how to fix this now but if someone has a good idea how to detect when __malloc_hook is used (or not) I'd be interested in hearing it. 

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