On 2/22/2012 8:53 PM, Jeffrey Squyres wrote:
Terry / Eugene --

Can you comment?
Sorry I cannot.


On Feb 22, 2012, at 3:16 PM, Paul H. Hargrove wrote:

I think I have the beginning of a fix for this issue.

I had not even noticed earlier that the error in event.h is from the C++ compiler, when compiling file.cxx in the c++ bindings.  That makes the vendor-specific addition of "-library=stlport4" to CXXFLAGS quite relevant to the problem/solution.

It eventually occurred to me that when VT's sub-configure told me to add configure arguments, I could have used --with-contrib-vt-flags to pass that ONLY to VT and perhaps NOT mess with whatever karma was providing the definition of u_char.  However, when I tried that I was disappointed to find that the bit of configure logic that suggests/requires CXXFLAGS=-library=stlport4 (from ompi/contrib/vt/configure.m4) runs BEFORE the processing of --with-contrib-vt-flags.  So, that was a dead end.

So, the next idea was to look for a fix specific to sltport.  I tried adding near the top of opal/event/event.h (after the WINDOWS equivalent):
#ifdef STLPORT
typedef unsigned char u_char;
That managed to clear up the original problem w/ SS12.2.
With SS12.3, things also built fine.
This suggests the typedef is not "conflicting" with whatever other defn was present.
I think the "safety" of this needs to be examined more widely before this can be adopted.
My concern is that some system could "typedef char u_char" if it has char unsigned by default, leading to a conflict.
Now that would, I suppose, only be a problem if STLPORT is also defined.
So, maybe I am over thinking this.


On 2/21/2012 11:10 PM, Paul H. Hargrove wrote:
More notes:

I've tested ompi-1.5.4 and it has the same problem.  So, this is NOT a regression.

Terry D. has observed that Ubuntu is NOT a supported platform for the Solaris Studio compilers.
So, I've reproduced on a Scientific Linux 5.5 platform (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 clone, like CentOS) to be sure that was NOT the cause.

When I configure for the SS12.x compilers, I've been passing  CXXFLAGS="-library=stlport4" as the VT sub-configure has informed me I should, due to something wrong the the default STL.  I tried dropping that from configure, and THE BUILD WAS SUCCESSFUL.

So, one has 2 choices:
+ build w/ SS12.2 without VT
+ update to SS12.3 and have VT

I don't think there is sufficient reason to delay 1.5.5 for this.


On 2/21/2012 4:39 PM, Paul H. Hargrove wrote:
A few things to note:

1) This is NOT a problem w/ the SS12.3 compilers on the same machine.
So, one could say "upgrade your compiler" (a free download) and not delay 1.5.5 for this issue.

2) This is ONLY a problem on Linux, and not on Solaris (both SS12.2 and SS12.3 tested for x86, x86-64, Sparc/v9 and Sparc/v8plus)

3) Testing the trunk I DON'T see the problem with either SS12.2 or SS12.3.
This is interesting, because it probably means that a u_char definition is SOMEWHERE in the headers (because libevent *is* getting built).

Whatever else may be done, I think this should be fixed "properly" (whatever that may equate to) for 1.6.
The way I see it now, it feels like OMPI is getting a definition of u_char only "by accident".


On 2/21/2012 12:16 PM, Paul H. Hargrove wrote:
Building the v1.5 branch on Linux with the Solaris Studio 12.2 compilers I see the following failure:
"[srcdir]/opal/event/event.h", line 797: Error: Type name expected instead of "u_char".
"[srcdir]/opal/event/event.h", line 798: Error: Type name expected instead of "u_char".
"[srcdir]/opal/event/event.h", line 1184: Error: "," expected instead of "*".
Where line 1184 is a prototype containing "u_char *".

As far as I can find, only several files below opal/event/ contain any use of "u_char".
There is a typedef for u_char in hwloc, but no use that I could see.

To the best of my knowledge u_char is NOT defined by any standard, and thus there is no particular header one can reliably find it in.
The alternatives, of course are "unsigned char" or "uint8_t" (defined in stdint.h).

I had a look at the trunk and VISUALLY is appears the same problem exists in:
However, my testing is currently confined to the v1.5 branch in the hopes of finally getting the next 1.5.5rc out the door.



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