Guess I'm confused. The launcher is running on a Linux machine, so it has to use a Linux service to launch the remote daemon. Can you use ssh to launch the daemons onto the Windows machines? In other words, can you have the Windows machine support an ssh connection?

I did a quick search and found a number of options for supporting ssh connections to Windows. Here is one article that describes how to do it:

Once the daemon is started on the Windows machine, it will automatically select the Windows options for starting its local procs - so that shouldn't be an issue. The issue will be figuring out a way to get the daemon started.

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Hi developers,
I can see in the code that the part that launches processes on other
machines on Windows is not compiled on other platforms because it uses
Is there another way of launching processes on Windows from non windows
machines ?
What would I need to do to write a daemon similar to MPICH2s smpd which
runs as a windows service ?
It looks like it would only have to handle authentication and launch the
ORTE process.
I would use MPICH2, but it appears to not work with a heterogeneous
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