Yo Jeff

Couple of things you might want to add:

1. RedStorm design - what are we going to do about the RTE?

2. Multi-cell RTE - I've been working on this (finally set it aside to complete the scalable startup stuff first), but it is complex and might merit some discussion with those interested.

On Mon, 2005-07-18 at 09:34, Jeff Squyres wrote:
Here's the topics that I have for the July meeting (did I miss 
anything?).  I don't really have a schedule -- only some things need to 
assigned times (e.g., the collectives meeting(s)).

- All: Current status, future plans/goals (presentation from each
   - Jeff: IU
   - Tim: LANL
   - Ralph: ORTE
   - Rainer: HLRS
   - George: UTK
- All, Tim: overview of PML/BTL interface and design
   - Retire teg/PTL?
- All: SC, Euro PVM/MPI, LACSI planning
- All, Brian: what you need to know about the new configure.m4 system
- All, Jeff: build system changes
- All: discussion of others coming into the tree (e.g., IB vendors)
- All: processor/memory affinity
- All: project split issues
   - tools in wrong trees (abstraction issues)
   - wrapper compilers for ORTE/OPAL?
   - #include files
   - any final cleanup moving between opal/orte/ompi trees
- All: MCA issues
   - Framework hiding / re-entrance (e.g., ompi_info)
   - How to have multiple PML's without re-initializing BTLs/PTLs?
   - Better guidelines for framework/component "open" calls
   - Separate function for framework/component MCA parameter 
   - Frameworks as DSOs

- Jeff, Ralph: simplifying GPR access (if possible)
- Red Storm sub-group: current status and future plans
- One-sided sub-group: current status, SC plans, future plans
- Fault tolerance sub-group:
   - Integrating LAM-style coordinated, synchronous checkpointing
   - How to do other kinds of checkpointing (e.g., FT-MPI, MPICH-V, etc.)
- Collectives sub-group (including Access Grid participants):
   - New framework (coll v2)
   - Using btl's
   - Striping
   - Non-blocking collectives
   - ...?