I can talk about OpenRTE, if you want - pretty short, but could describe the research directions being discussed with others.

On Mon, 2005-07-18 at 07:39, Jeff Squyres wrote:
A month or two ago, I gave the LANL guys an overview of IU's goals with 
respect to OMPI.  There were several "Ohhh!  So *that's* why you guys 
were asking for X, Y, and Z..." from the LANL guys during my 
presentation.  As such, I think it was really helpful for everyone to 
understand our motivations.

It's not that we were previously hiding them -- we just never got 
around to explicitly sharing them.

I think we should have similar presentations at the upcoming meeting.  
Can someone from each core organization (LANL, IU, UTK, HLRS) give a 
10-15 minute presentation (or whatever) listing all your goals and 
ambitions with OMPI?  Separate them into short- and long-term goals, if 

For example, I'll talk about IU's MPI-2 one-sided efforts, our plans 
for PBS and SLURM, and our future efforts for fault 
tolerance/checkpoint restart.