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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] openmpi-1.8.2rc2 and f08 interface built with PGI-14.7 causes link error
From: tmishima_at_[hidden]
Date: 2014-07-31 03:00:33

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your investigation. I'm sure it's very
close to fix the problem although I myself can't do
that. So I must owe you something...

Please try Awamori, which is Okinawa's sake and very
good in such a hot day.


> On Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 8:53 PM, Paul Hargrove <phhargrove_at_[hidden]>wrote:
> [...]
> I have a clear answer to *what* is different (below) and am next looking
into the why/how now.
> It seems that 1.8.1 has included all dependencies into libmpi_usempif08
while 1.8.2rc2 does not.
>  [...]
> The difference appears to stem from the following difference in
> 1.8.1:
> libmpi_usempif08_la_LIBADD = \
>         $(module_sentinel_file) \
>         $(top_builddir)/ompi/
> 1.8.2rc2:
> libmpi_usempif08_la_LIBADD = \
>         $(top_builddir)/ompi/
> libmpi_usempif08_la_DEPENDENCIES = $(module_sentinel_file)
> Where in both cases one has:
> module_sentinel_file = \
> which contains all of the symbols which my previous testing found had
"disappeared" from between 1.8.1 and 1.8.2rc2.
> I don't have recent enough autotools to attempt the change the, but instead restored the removed item from
libmpi_usempif08_la_LIBADD directly in  However, rather than
> the problem, that resulted in multiple definitions of a bunch of _eq and
_ne functions (e.g. mpi_f08_types_ompi_request_op_ne_).  So, I am uncertain
how to proceed.
> Use svn blame points at a "bulk" CMR of many fortran related changes,
including one related to the eq/ne operators.  So, I am turning over this
investigation to Jeff and/or Ralph to figure out what
> actually is required to fix this without loss of whatever benefits were
in that CMR.  I am still available to test the proposed fixes.  Happy
> Somebody owes me a virtual beer (or nihonshu) ;-)
> -Paul
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