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Subject: [OMPI devel] RFC: Well-known mca parameters
From: Mike Dubman (miked_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-04-24 01:38:42

* Formalize well-known MCA parameters that can be used by any component to
represent external dependencies for this component.

* Component can set that well-known MCA r/o parameters to expose to the
end-users different setup related traits of the OMPI installation.


ompi_info can print for every component which depends on external library:
- ext lib runtime version used by component
- ext lib compiletime version used by component

slurm: v2.6.6
mtl/mxm: v2.5
btl/verbs: v3.2
btl/usnic: v1.1
coll/fca: v2.5

End-user or site admin or OMPI vendor can aggregate this information by
some script and generate report if given installation compiles with
site/vendor rules.

* The "well-known" mca parameters can be easily extracted from ALL
components by grep-like utilities.

* Current proposal:

** prefix each well-known MCA param with "print_":
** Define two well-known mca parameters indicating external library runtime
and compiletime versions, i.e.:


The following command will show all exposed well-known mca params from all
ompi_info --parsable -l 9 |grep ":print_"


* Better support-ability: site/vendor can provide script which will check
if OMPI installation complies to release notes or support matrix.


- Next teleconf
- code can be observed here: