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Subject: [OMPI devel] C/R and orte_oob
From: Adrian Reber (adrian_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-02-06 11:15:00

When I initially made the C/R code compile again I made following

diff --git a/orte/mca/rml/oob/rml_oob_component.c b/orte/mca/rml/oob/rml_oob_component.c
index f0b22fc..90ed086 100644
--- a/orte/mca/rml/oob/rml_oob_component.c
+++ b/orte/mca/rml/oob/rml_oob_component.c
@@ -185,8 +185,7 @@ orte_rml_oob_ft_event(int state) {
- (ret = orte_oob.ft_event(state)) ) {
+ if( ORTE_SUCCESS != (ret = orte_rml_oob_ft_event(state)) ) {
         exit_status = ret;
         goto cleanup;

This is, of course, wrong. Now the function calls itself in a loop until
it crashes. Looking at orte/mca/oob there is still a ft_event()
function, but it is disabled using "#if 0". Looking at other functions
it seems I would need to create something like

#define ORTE_OOB_FT_EVENT(m)

Looking at the modules in orte/mca/oob/ it seems ft_event is implemented
in some places but it never seems to have any real functionality. Is
ft_event() actually needed there?