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Subject: [OMPI devel] [PATCH] make orte-checkpoint communicate with orterun again
From: Adrian Reber (adrian_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-01-23 09:51:12

Following patch makes orte-checkpoint communicate with orterun again:

diff --git a/orte/tools/orte-checkpoint/orte-checkpoint.c b/orte/tools/orte-checkpoint/orte-checkpoint.c
index 7106342..8539f34 100644
--- a/orte/tools/orte-checkpoint/orte-checkpoint.c
+++ b/orte/tools/orte-checkpoint/orte-checkpoint.c
@@ -834,7 +834,7 @@ static int notify_process_for_checkpoint(opal_crs_base_ckpt_options_t *options)
     if (ORTE_SUCCESS != (ret = orte_rml.send_buffer_nb(&(orterun_hnp->name), buffer,
- ORTE_RML_TAG_CKPT, hnp_receiver,
+ ORTE_RML_TAG_CKPT, orte_rml_send_callback,
                                                        NULL))) {
         exit_status = ret;
         goto cleanup;
@@ -845,11 +845,6 @@ static int notify_process_for_checkpoint(opal_crs_base_ckpt_options_t *options)
- if( NULL != buffer) {
- OBJ_RELEASE(buffer);
- buffer = NULL;
- }
     if( ORTE_SUCCESS != exit_status ) {
         opal_show_help("help-orte-checkpoint.txt", "unable_to_connect", true,

Before committing the code into the repository I wanted to make
sure it is the correct way to fix it.

The first change changes the callback to orte_rml_send_callback().
When I initially made the code compile again I used hnp_receiver()
to change the code from blocking to non-blocking and that was

The second change (removal of OBJ_RELEASE(buffer)) is necessary
because this seems to delete buffer during communication and then
everything breaks badly.