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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] [EXTERNAL] 1.7.4rc: build failure on mips32
From: Barrett, Brian W (bwbarre_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-01-20 15:11:44

On 1/17/14 8:00 PM, "Paul Hargrove" <phhargrove_at_[hidden]<mailto:phhargrove_at_[hidden]>> wrote:

Trying to build 1.7.4rc2r30303 with gcc on linux/mips32 yields the following failure:

  CXX mpicxx.lo
/home/phargrov/OMPI/openmpi-1.7.4-latest-linux-mips32/openmpi-1.7.4rc2r30303/ompi/mpi/cxx/ warning: #ident is a deprecated GCC extension
In file included from /home/phargrov/OMPI/openmpi-1.7.4-latest-linux-mips32/openmpi-1.7.4rc2r30303/opal/class/opal_pointer_array.h:37,
                 from /home/phargrov/OMPI/openmpi-1.7.4-latest-linux-mips32/openmpi-1.7.4rc2r30303/ompi/errhandler/errhandler.h:32,
                 from /home/phargrov/OMPI/openmpi-1.7.4-latest-linux-mips32/openmpi-1.7.4rc2r30303/ompi/mpi/cxx/
/home/phargrov/OMPI/openmpi-1.7.4-latest-linux-mips32/openmpi-1.7.4rc2r30303/opal/threads/mutex.h: In function 'int64_t OPAL_THREAD_ADD64(volatile int64_t*, int)':
/home/phargrov/OMPI/openmpi-1.7.4-latest-linux-mips32/openmpi-1.7.4rc2r30303/opal/threads/mutex.h:292: error: 'opal_atomic_add_64' was not declared in this scope

This looks VERY similar to the problem I reported recently w/ xlc on ppc32 ( )
I am checking gcc on ppc32 now...

This is the same problem. It will fail on all 32 bit RISC platforms (which tend not to have double-word atomics, like many of the more CISCy platforms). So SPARC32, ppc32, and mips32 are all going to fail. Working on a fix, but it's going to take a bit.


  Brian W. Barrett
  Scalable System Software Group
  Sandia National Laboratories