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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] Any plans to support Intel MIC (Xeon Phi) in Open-MPI?
From: Christopher Samuel (samuel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-05-02 21:06:26

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On 03/05/13 10:47, Ralph Castain wrote:

> We had something similar at one time - I developed it for the
> Roadrunner cluster so you could run MPI tasks on the GPUs. Worked
> well, but eventually fell into disrepair due to lack of use.

OK, interesting! RR was Cell rather than GPU though wasn't it?

> In this case, I suspect it will be much easier to do as the Phis
> appear to be a lot more visible to the host than the GPU did on RR.
> Looking at the documentation, the Phis just sit directly on the
> PCIe bus, so they should look just like any other processor,

Yup, they show up in lspci:

[root_at_barcoo061 ~]# lspci -d 8086:2250
2a:00.0 Co-processor: Intel Corporation Device 2250 (rev 11)
90:00.0 Co-processor: Intel Corporation Device 2250 (rev 11)

> and they are Xeon binary compatible - so there is no issue with
> tracking which binary to run on which processor.

Sadly they're not binary compatible, you have to cross-compile for
them (or compile on the Phi itself).

I haven't got any further than have xCAT install the (rebuilt) kernel
module so far, so I can't log into them yet.

> Brice: do the Phis appear in the hwloc topology object?

They appear in lstopo as mic0 and mic1.

> Chris: can you run lstopo on one of the nodes and send me the
> output (off-list)?

One of the hosts? Not a problem, will do.

All the best!
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