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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] Using external libevent
From: Ralph Castain (rhc_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-04-26 22:53:09

On Apr 26, 2013, at 7:40 PM, Orion Poplawski <orion_at_[hidden]> wrote:

> On 04/25/2013 04:48 AM, Jeff Squyres (jsquyres) wrote:
>> Orion --
>> I would just caution against using Open MPI with a thread-enabled libevent. In most cases, the performance impact wouldn't matter, but the whole point of MPI is to be high performance. The current 1.7 series does *not* use a thread-enabled libevent because it detracts from performance. Hence, using a thread-enabled libevent detracts from Open MPI's main purpose.
>> If Open MPI is suddenly bundled with a thread-enabled libevent, *performance will go down* and users will be unhappy. We have learned painfully over the years that users expect good performance out of the box -- if they have get "bad" performance out of the box and have to do something special to enable "good" performance, they'll be annoyed and blame Open MPI.
>> So I would request that you do *not* link Open MPI against a thread-enabled libevent until we are able integrate such functionality properly, and take measures to mitigate the performance implications (which likely won't be until at least the 1.9 series).
> So, the Fedora Packaging committee has taken that part to heart, but not the bundling:
> * Bundling exception for libevent in openmpi -
> (spot, 16:16:52)
> * ACTION: FPC is pretty universally against this bundling, spot will
> try to make a and update libevent. (spot,
> 16:26:38)

Just for clarification: who or what is "spot"?

> So it looks like I will need to shortly be looking at how to link against an external libevent. Any help with that would be greatly appreciated.

As I said, I'll take a look at it, but can't commit to having it available any time soon. It isn't something I would suggest someone try who isn't fully versed in OMPI's code base.

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