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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] CUDA support doesn't work starting from 1.9a1r27862
From: Rolf vandeVaart (rvandevaart_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-01-24 08:11:02

Thanks for this report. I will look into this. Can you tell me what your mpirun command looked like and do you know what transport you are running over?
Specifically, is this on a single node or multiple nodes?


From: devel-bounces_at_[hidden] [mailto:devel-bounces_at_[hidden]] On Behalf Of Alessandro Fanfarillo
Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2013 4:11 AM
To: devel_at_[hidden]
Subject: [OMPI devel] CUDA support doesn't work starting from 1.9a1r27862

Dear all,
I would like to report a bug for the CUDA support on the last 5 trunk versions.
The attached code is a simply send/receive test case which correctly works with version 1.9a1r27844.
Starting from version 1.9a1r27862 up to 1.9a1r27897 I get the following message:

./test: symbol lookup error: /usr/local/openmpi/lib/openmpi/ undefined symbol: progress_one_cuda_htod_event
./test: symbol lookup error: /usr/local/openmpi/lib/openmpi/ undefined symbol: progress_one_cuda_htod_event
mpirun has exited due to process rank 0 with PID 21641 on
node ip-10-16-24-100 exiting improperly. There are three reasons this could occur:

1. this process did not call "init" before exiting, but others in
the job did. This can cause a job to hang indefinitely while it waits
for all processes to call "init". By rule, if one process calls "init",
then ALL processes must call "init" prior to termination.

2. this process called "init", but exited without calling "finalize".
By rule, all processes that call "init" MUST call "finalize" prior to
exiting or it will be considered an "abnormal termination"

3. this process called "MPI_Abort" or "orte_abort" and the mca parameter
orte_create_session_dirs is set to false. In this case, the run-time cannot
detect that the abort call was an abnormal termination. Hence, the only
error message you will receive is this one.

This may have caused other processes in the application to be
terminated by signals sent by mpirun (as reported here).

You can avoid this message by specifying -quiet on the mpirun command line.

I'm using gcc-4.7.2 and CUDA 4.2. The test fails also with CUDA 4.1.
Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

Alessandro Fanfarillo

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