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Subject: [OMPI devel] MPI-2.2 status #2223, #3127
From: Kawashima, Takahiro (t-kawashima_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-01-17 20:43:56


Fujitsu is interested in completing MPI-2.2 on Open MPI and Open MPI
-based Fujitsu MPI.

We've read wiki and tickets. These two tickets seem to be almost done
but need testing and bug fixing.
  MPI-2.2: MPI_Dist_graph_* functions missing
  MPI-2.2: Add reduction support for MPI_C_*COMPLEX and MPI::*COMPLEX

My colleagues are planning to work on these. They will write test codes
and try to fix bugs. Test codes and patches can be contributed to the
community. If they cannot fix some bugs, we will report details. They
are planning to complete them in around March.

With that two questions.

The latest statuses written in these ticket comments are correct?
Is there any more progress?

Where are the latest codes?
In ticket #2223 says it is on Jeff's ompi-topo-fixes bitbucket branch.
But Jeff seems to have one more branch with a similar name.
Ticket #3127 says it is on Jeff's mpi22-c-complex bitbucket branch.
But there is no such branch now.

Best regards,
Takahiro Kawashima,
MPI development team,