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Subject: [OMPI devel] Trunk is broken
From: Ralph Castain (rhc_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-12-24 13:39:53

Hi folks

This is a heads-up to all: It appears a recent commit has broken the trunk - I think it relates to something done to the MCA parameter system. When running across multiple nodes, the daemons segfault on finalize with a stacktrace of:

(gdb) where
#0 0x0000003dc4477e92 in _int_free () from /lib64/
#1 0x00007f18a163f756 in param_destructor (p=0x118d940) at mca_base_param.c:1982
#2 0x00007f18a163ab41 in opal_obj_run_destructors (object=0x118d940) at ../../../opal/class/opal_object.h:448
#3 0x00007f18a163cb94 in mca_base_param_finalize () at mca_base_param.c:853
#4 0x00007f18a1609c06 in opal_finalize_util () at runtime/opal_finalize.c:69
#5 0x00007f18a1609cbc in opal_finalize () at runtime/opal_finalize.c:155
#6 0x00007f18a18e366b in orte_finalize () at runtime/orte_finalize.c:107
#7 0x00007f18a1911313 in orte_daemon (argc=35, argv=0x7ffffd7ea8b8) at orted/orted_main.c:834
#8 0x000000000040091a in main (argc=35, argv=0x7ffffd7ea8b8) at orted.c:62
(gdb) up
#1 0x00007f18a163f756 in param_destructor (p=0x118d940) at mca_base_param.c:1982
1982 free(p->mbp_env_var_name);

gdb) print array[i]
$2 = {mbp_super = {obj_magic_id = 0, obj_class = 0x7f18a18c6460, obj_reference_count = 1, cls_init_file_name = 0x7f18a169d04e "mca_base_param.c",
    cls_init_lineno = 1154}, mbp_type = MCA_BASE_PARAM_TYPE_STRING, mbp_type_name = 0x1185110 "\300O\030\001", mbp_component_name = 0x0,
  mbp_param_name = 0x1185130 "", mbp_full_name = 0x1185150 "orte_debugger_test_daemon", mbp_synonyms = 0x0, mbp_internal = false,
  mbp_read_only = false, mbp_deprecated = false, mbp_deprecated_warning_shown = true,
  mbp_help_msg = 0x11850a0 "Name of the executable to be used to simulate a debugger colaunch (relative or absolute path)",
  mbp_env_var_name = 0x1185180 "\020P\030\001", mbp_default_value = {intval = 0, stringval = 0x0}, mbp_file_value_set = false, mbp_file_value = {
    intval = 0, stringval = 0x0}, mbp_source_file = 0x0, mbp_override_value_set = false, mbp_override_value = {intval = 0, stringval = 0x0}}

As you can see, the problem is that the mbp_env_var_name field is trash, so the destructor's attempt to free that field crashes.

I believe it was Nathan that last touched this area, so perhaps he could take a gander and see what happened? Meantime, I'm afraid the trunk is down.