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Subject: [OMPI devel] [patch]There are some collective communications that terminates abnormally when MPI_IN_PLACE is specified.
From: Matsumoto, Yuki (yuki.matsumoto_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-10-31 04:55:43

Dear all,

There are some collective communications with the possibility of terminating abnormally when MPI_IN_PLACE is specified.
They refer to sdtype or rdtype (For MPI_Scatter) unconditionally by the consideration leakage of the MPI standard at MPI_IN_PLACE.
It terminates abnormally when NULL is specified for a data type of the sending side or receiving side with which MPI_IN_PLACE is specifiable.
e.g.) MPI_Allgather(MPI_IN_PLACE, scount, NULL, rbuf, rcount, recvdtype, ...);

- Functions which have this MPI_IN_PLACE problem:
    Which data type: The sending side data type
    It terminates abnormally when sdtype=NULL is specified at sbuf=MPI_IN_PLACE.
    (sdtype must be ignored when sbuf = MPI_IN_PLACE.)
    Which data type: The receiving side data type
    It terminates abnormally when rdtype=NULL is specified at rbuf=MPI_IN_PLACE.
    ("rdtype" must be ignored when rbuf = MPI_IN_PLACE.)

We attach a patch.

Best Regards,
Yuki Matsumoto,
MPI development team,