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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] RFC: New memchecker component - mempin
From: Shiqing Fan (fan_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-10-09 08:55:17

Just a few more important points that I forgot to mention.

This work has been helped and guided by Rainer. He will also continue to
use the tool for further research. :-)

This new component can be enabled via option --enable-memchecker. When
disabled, there won't be any influence for Open MPI and application.

The patch has been tested based on a version of Open MPI a few month
ago, but it should be easy to move to the latest OMPI trunk. I will make
a bitbucket branch for merging it back.

I would like explain more details in the call today.

On 2012-10-08 3:05 PM, Shiqing Fan wrote:
> *What:*
> A new memory checking tool named MemPin was developed based on the
> Intel Pin framework. It uses a callback mechanism to do the similar
> tasks as Valgrind Memcheck. The new tool is tiny and flexible, and
> user may implement his own callback function for different purposes.
> The basic idea here for Open MPI is to watch over the communication
> buffers. Every access to the buffers will be detected, and for
> specific memory operation (read/write), a memory check callback will
> be triggered.
> Only the required memory will be taken care of, so the shadow memory
> can be kept to be as small as possible. The implemented shadow memory
> for Open MPI is handled in bit-wise, i.e. every byte of memory has 2
> bits of shadow (4 different states. This doesn't provide bit-wise
> validity of the memory like Valgirnd, where every byte of memory has 9
> bits of shadow. However, the shadow memory for this new tool is
> extensible.
> Several predefined macros that may be used in user application and
> Open MPI:
> * *MEMPIN_RUNNING_WITH_PIN*: Checks whether the user application is
> running under MemPin and Pin
> * *MEMPIN_REG_MEM_WATCH*: Registers the memory entry for specific
> memory operation
> * *MEMPIN_UPDATE_MEM_WATCH:* Updates the memory entry parameters for
> specific memory operation
> * *MEMPIN_UNREG_MEM_WATCH*: Unregisters one memory entry
> * *MEMPIN_UNREG_ALL_MEM_WATCH*: Unregisters all the memory entries
> * *MEMPIN_SEARCH_MEM_INDEX*: Returns the memory entry index from the
> memory address storage
> * *MEMPIN_PRINT_CALLSTACK*: Prints the current callstack to standard
> output or a file
> The new component mempin will have the same memchecker API as valgrind
> component.
> *WHY:*
> This new implementation has similar functionalities as Valgrind
> Memcheck, but it is lightweight, faster, extensible and flexible. It
> also supports for Windows platforms.
> *WHERE:*
> opal/mca/memchecker/
> ompi/include/ompi/memchecker.h or another header file.
> ompi/mca/pml/ob1 several memchecker macro need to be updated.
> *WHEN:*
> If everything is fine, probably some time next week or later this
> month.
> We probably can also discuss it in the next teleconf.
> Thanks,
> Shiqing
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Shiqing Fan
High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS)
Tel: ++49(0)711-685-87234      Nobelstrasse 19
Fax: ++49(0)711-685-65832      70569 Stuttgart
email: fan_at_[hidden]