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Subject: [OMPI devel] RFC: sm BTL Initialization via Modex
From: Gutierrez, Samuel K (samuel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-08-05 06:38:26


The majority of the code required to get away from explicit RML usage during
shared memory initialization is complete. With this update, the sm BTL and sm
mpool modex around the information required for setup.

I've completed some initial testing and everything seems to be working
properly, but additional testing and feedback is greatly appreciated -- and
almost certainly required.

Things that haven't been tested:
o The sm BTL with progress threads enabled (OMPI_ENABLE_PROGRESS_THREADS).
o The sm BTL with any kernel assistance enabled.

WHY: In preparation for the eventual BTL move.

M opal/mca/shmem/posix/shmem_posix_module.c
M opal/mca/shmem/sysv/shmem_sysv_module.c
M opal/mca/shmem/mmap/shmem_mmap_module.c
M opal/mca/shmem/windows/shmem_windows_module.c
M ompi/mca/btl/sm/btl_sm.c
M ompi/mca/btl/sm/btl_sm_component.c
M ompi/mca/btl/sm/help-mpi-btl-sm.txt
M ompi/mca/btl/sm/btl_sm.h
M ompi/mca/btl/sm/btl_sm_fifo.h
M ompi/mca/mpool/sm/mpool_sm_component.c
M ompi/mca/mpool/sm/mpool_sm.h
M ompi/mca/common/sm/common_sm.c
M ompi/mca/common/sm/common_sm.h

The majority of changes that most will care about are in btl/sm/* and mpool/sm/*

The branch can be found:

TIMEOUT: If everything looks okay, Aug 10, 2012. If not, some time after issues
have been resolved.