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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] 1.6.1rc1 posted
From: Paul Kapinos (kapinos_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-08-03 18:24:15

Jeff, All,

testing our well-known example of the registered memory problem (see on
freshly-installed 1.6.1rc2, found out that "Fall back to send/receive semantics"
did not work always it. However the behaviour has changed:

1.5.3. and older: MPI processes hang and block the IB interface(s) forever

1.6.1rc2: a) MPI processes run through (if the chunk size is less than 8Gb) with
or without a warning; or
           b) MPI processes die (if the chunk size is more than 8Gb)
Note that the same program which die in (b) run fine over IPoIB (-mca btl
^openib). However, the performance is very bad in this case... some 1100 sec.
instead of about a minute.

Reproducing: compile attached file and let it run on nodes with >=24GB with
     log_num_mtt : 20
     log_mtts_per_seg: 3
(=32Gb, our default values):
$ mpiexec ....<one proc per node> .... a.out 1080000000 1080000001

Well, we know about the need to raise the values of one of these parameters, but
I wanted to let you to know that your workaround for the problem is still not
100% perfect but only 99%.

Paul Kapinos

P.S: A note about the informative warning:
WARNING: It appears that your OpenFabrics subsystem is configured to only
allow registering part of your physical memory.
   Registerable memory: 32768 MiB
   Total memory: 98293 MiB
On node with 24 GB this warning did not came around, although the max. size of
registered memory (32GB) is only 1.5x of RAM, but in
at least the 2x RAM size is recommended.

Should this warning not came out in all cases when registered memory < 2x RAM?

On 07/28/12 04:20, Jeff Squyres wrote:
> - A bunch of changes to eliminate hangs on OpenFabrics-based networks.
> Users with Mellanox hardware are ***STRONGLY ENCOURAGED*** to check
> their registered memory kernel module settings to ensure that the OS
> will allow registering more than 8GB of memory. See this FAQ item
> for details:
> - Fall back to send/receive semantics if registered memory is
> unavilable for RDMA.

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