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Subject: [OMPI devel] RFC: hide btl segment keys within btl
From: Nathan Hjelm (hjelmn_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-06-13 12:58:09

What: hide btl segment keys from PML/OSC code.

Why: As it stands new BTLs with larger segment keys (smcuda for example) require changes in both OSC/rdma as well as the PMLs. This RFC makes will make changes in segment keys transparent to all btl users.

When: The changes are very straight-forward so I am setting the timeout for this to June 22, 2012

Where: See the attached patch or check out the bitbucket

All the relevant PMLs/BTLs + OSC/rdma have been updated with the exception of btl/wv. I have also tested the following components:
  - ob1
  - csum
  - bfo
  - ugni (now works with MPI one-sides)
  - sm
  - vader
  - openib (in progress)

Brian and Rolf, please take a look at your components and let me know if I screwed anything up.

-Nathan Hjelm