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Subject: [OMPI devel] After svn up...
From: Jeffrey Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-04-19 10:29:50

You may have missed it at the bottom of my mail last night, but after running "svn up" to get all the new Fortran stuff, you might want to run these commands to clean out kruft that "svn up" may not remove:

rm -f ompi/mpiext/affinity/OMPI_Affinity_str.3
rm -rf ompi/mpiext/example/f77
rm -f ompi/include/mpi_ext.mod
rm -f ompi/include/mpicxx-ext.h
rm -f ompi/include/mpi-ext.h
rm -f ompi/include/mpif-ext.h
rm -f ompi/include/mpif90-ext.f90
rm -rf ompi/mpiext/example/f77
rm -rf ompi/mpi/f90
rm -rf ompi/mpi/f77
rm -rf orte/threads
rm -rf orte/mca/plm/ccp
rm -rf orte/mca/plm/poe
rm -rf orte/mca/plm/xgrid
rm -rf orte/mca/errmgr/orted
rm -rf orte/mca/errmgr/app
rm -rf orte/mca/errmgr/hnp
rm -rf orte/mca/ras/ccp
rm -rf orte/mca/ess/slurmd
rm -f ompi/tools/wrappers/*f90*
rm -f ompi/tools/wrappers/*f77*
rm -f config/

Jeff Squyres
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