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Subject: [OMPI devel] Compiling OpenMPI 1.5.4 on Debian 6 qemu arm6l
From: Ron Broberg (ronbroberg_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-02-26 13:22:35

I would like to report the following information regarding compiling OpenMPI on Debian ARMv6. I won't submit this as a patch because I don't believe that "delete all 'dmb' instructions" can be considered a well developed patch. But this information may be of use to someone down the line.

I was able to compile the upstream openmpi-1.5.4 distribution on a Debian6 armv6l qemu emulation.

You have to make 3 changes to the package
 1) Delete all references to the RISC instruction 'dmb'
 2) Modify the 'configure' file to include an 'armv6' option
 3) Compile with CFLAGS=-march=armv6 

## 1) make the following edits to these three files
    delete all dmb instructions
    delete all dmb instructions
    change the lines:
#define MB()  __asm__ __volatile__ ("dmb" : : : "memory")
#define RMB() __asm__ __volatile__ ("dmb" : : : "memory")
#define WMB() __asm__ __volatile__ ("dmb" : : : "memory")
#define MB()
#define RMB()
#define WMB()

to read:
#define MB()
#define RMB()
#define WMB()

## 2) add the following to the 'configure' file at line 26946 of 171183
goto line 26946, there should be an 'alpha-' section above and an 'armv7' below
insert the following
            OMPI_GCC_INLINE_ASSIGN='"mov %0, #0" : "=&r"(ret)'

## 3) compile and install with the following CFLAGS
./configure CFLAGS=-march=armv6
sudo make install

more information about my build at