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Subject: [OMPI devel] PGI error invoked when svnversion is unavailable
From: Thomas Rothrock CTR SMDC SimCtr/GaN Corporation (thomas.w.rothrock.ctr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-11-15 15:49:53

I am building on a separate (unnetworked) system than the one I check out
SVN sources from, thus subversion was never installed on this system and the
"svnversion" command is unavailable. After configure, this eventually
results in OPAL_IDENT_STRING getting set to an empty string (""). This
seems to invoke an odd error in the Portland Group (PGI) C compiler (pgcc),
such that

        #pragma ident ""

results in:

        PGC-F-0010-File write error occurred (temporary pragma .s file)

which is is a bit misleading and took me a while to track down the problem.
My testing has shown that the C++ compiler (pgCC) does not fail with the
same error (or any error at all) and completes, but pgcc fails this case in
at least all versions since 8.0-6 and probably earlier. I have filed a
support request with PGI to see what they say about it, but of course this
does nothing for current and older versions. My quick workaround was to
just install subversion so that the empty string never gets set to begin
with. Ultimately though should OPAL_IDENT_STRING be ending up empty when
the "svnversion" command is not available?

           Tom Rothrock <Thomas.W.Rothrock.CTR_at_[hidden]>
           US Army Space & Missile Defense Command Simulation Center
           256-955-3382 (DSN 645) FAX 256-955-1231
           <> Main SimCtr Phone: 256-955-3750
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          systems and is subject to monitoring. Please refrain from
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