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Subject: [OMPI devel] RFC: CRS Module for MTCP Checkpointing Package
From: Alex Brick (bricka_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-10-06 02:58:38

WHAT: Bring in the mtcp CRS component

WHY: Add support for the MTCP checkpoint/restart service

WHERE: opal/mca/crs/mtcp

TIMEOUT: Tuesday teleconf, 2011-10-18 (about 2 weeks from now)

What is MTCP?

DMTCP (Distributed MultiThreaded CheckPointing, is a mature open source (LGPL)
checkpointing package that has been under development for seven years.
It operates entirely in user space, with no kernel modules, or
modifications to the target application. If used in the simplest
possible way, it works as:

  dmtcp_checkpoint ./a.out
  dmtcp_command --checkpoint
  dmtcp_restart ckpt_a.out_*.dmtcp

DMTCP is contagious. Any calls to fork(), pthread_create(), or "ssh",
are recognized by DMTCP, and it maintains those threads, and local and
remote processes under checkpoint control. At checkpoint time, it also
generates a script,, that can restart a
distributed computation. As a sign of its maturity, it can also
checkpoint Open MPI "from on top": dmtcp_checkpoint mpirun hello_mpi

The MTCP component of DMTCP is the single-process component. It is used
both internally by DMTCP as well as directly by users only interested in
checkpointing a single process. This second feature was used in order
to develop an Open MPI module for the Open MPI checkpoint-restart
service similar to BLCR, except that no kernel modules are required.

DMTCP is currently a Debian package (Debian testing), and is planned
also for Fedora and openSuSe. These packages also provide the MTCP
component for Open MPI.

More details:

Open MPI MTCP integration implementation available at:

The DMTCP parent project website is below:

The Distributed MultiThreaded CheckPointing (DMTCP) Project supports
user-level, transparent checkpoint/restart of a variety of sequential
and parallel programs. In Open MPI terms, this contribution is an
alternative to the BLCR CRS module, meaning that users can use DMTCP to
checkpoint their applications instead of BLCR.

The MTCP component is currently restricted to supporting communication
over sockets and shared memory. In an effort to support a wider range
of networks (e.g., InfiniBand, Myrinet), they have created a CRS
component to hook into Open MPI's checkpoint/restart infrastructure.
The MTCP user-level checkpoint/restart service is the single process
checkpoint kernel of the DMTCP project. The MTCP kernel is what is used
in the mtcp CRS component.

Jeff Squyres and Josh Hursey have been working with the DMTCP authors
(based out of the US Northeastern University in Boston, MA, USA) for
quite a while and feel that this component is ready to be brought into
the Open MPI main line for inclusion in the 1.7.x series (and possibly
the 1.5.x series?). The authors have submitted OMPI 3rd party
contribution agreements.