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Subject: [OMPI devel] Using BLCR tools to checkpoint Open MPI applications
From: Eric Roman (ERoman_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-07-27 15:52:46

Dear Open MPI Developers,

We've been working on using Torque's checkpoint/restart support, along with BLCR
and Open MPI's C/R support, to perform C/R on parallel jobs running under
Torque. The main issue here is that Open MPI requires the use of
ompi-checkpoint and ompi-restart commands to checkpoint the application, but
Torque uses cr_checkpoint and cr_restart to checkpoint job scripts, so an
adapter is required between the two interfaces. I've written a small program,
called cr_mpirun, that meets this purpose.

This code is now available on the BLCR web site that should enable you to use
BLCR cr_checkpoint and cr_restart commands to checkpoint Open MPI applications.
You can download it at the following URL:

This code can be used fairly reliably to invoke cr_checkpoint and cr_restart on
Open MPI applications. In turn, this enables you to use Torque's
checkpoint/restart support on parallel jobs. I've tested mainly with qhold and
qrls, but have also experimented with using Maui's preemptee and preemptor

This release is intended as a development release, meaning that this release is
not suitable for general production use, but should be used for testing. There
are a number of issues that need to be worked out, and we need feedback from
Torque and Open MPI developers, and from users interested in testing or filing
bug reports.

There is a list of known issues documented in the BUGS file in the release.
There are HOWTO files in the release that describe the implementation,
workarounds for current problems, and usage of cr_mpirun.

Thanks for your interest.

Eric Roman