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Subject: Re: [OMPI devel] [OMPI svn-full] svn:open-mpi r24830
From: Yevgeny Kliteynik (kliteyn_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-07-14 10:16:49

On 14-Jul-11 4:38 PM, Terry Dontje wrote:
> On 7/14/2011 9:17 AM, Yevgeny Kliteynik wrote:
>> On 14-Jul-11 3:30 PM, Jeff Squyres wrote:
>>> The real question is: does Solaris have the same data structures required for Linux's dynamic SL support? If so, this header file inquiry is worthwhile. If not, then perhaps a separate port will be required for Solaris to support the dynamic SL functionality.
>> I know for sure that at some point OpenFabrics OpenSM has forked
>> and was used as a basis for *some* Solaris SM, which possibly
>> will preserve the same headers. The MAD format has to stay the
>> same to provide interoperability, and I doubt that someone renamed
>> MAD fields just for fun.
>> So the questions is, what header and what package contain there
>> structures.
> Note there is no SM delivered with Solaris specifically. So there are no SM specific header files.
> AFAIK, we rely on remote SM's whether it is one running on a switch or on another node (like OpenSM running on Linux).
> So relying on OpenSM source headers existing on Solaris is probably a bad plan.
> However, it sounds like the existance of ib_types.h might help us which I have answered in a previous email that it does exist.

Yes, I need only this header (and, of course, whatever this header
has in its include directives). It has all the packets definitions
with the right endian and with all the pack/unpack stuff.

>> I'm checking this offline with Oracle IB people.
>> Other question is do Oracle folks care about IB QoS and torus/mesh
>> topologies w.r.t. OMPI, because otherwise the dynamic SL is irrelevant.
> It is not an extreme priority of ours but we would like to support it.

OK, I can search for /usr/include/sys/ib/ib_types.h in Solaris.
Can you send me this file, or do you have it under BSD license?
The original file has dual GPL/BSD license, so I don't know if
it's still open.

Also, besides checking if compilation works (assuming that I get
this file), I have no way checking if linkage also works...

-- YK

> --td
>> -- YK