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Subject: [OMPI devel] .so version numbers in 1.5.2
From: Jeff Squyres (jsquyres_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-02-02 11:11:10

It looks like we forgot to update the .so version numbers in 1.5.1. :-(

Luckily, the only ones that should have been affected were libopen-rte and libopen-pal. Can someone check my logic, below?

- As of 1.5.0, all version numbers were 1:0:0 (except common:sm)
- None of the "common" libraries have changed since 1.5.0

- All MPI libs did not change in 1.5.1 (woot)
- ORTE changed in 1.5.1, but no interface changes
- OPAL changed in 1.5.1, but no interface changes
- So v1.5.1 versions should have changed to:
    orte: 1:1:0
    opal: 1:1:0

I'm going to base the 1.5.2 .so version numbers on what we should have done in 1.5.1 (although the issue is somewhat moot; you'll see below):

- libmpi changed in 1.5.2, but no interface changes
- Other MPI libs did not change in 1.5.2
- ORTE had some globals and functions added, and at least rmcast.h had
  interfaces changed
- OPAL had interfaces added in 1.5.2 (e.g., ring_buffer), and
  at least one interface change (opal_show_help changed from a function to
  a global variable)
- So v1.5.2 versions should change to:
    ompi: 1:1:0
    orte: 2:0:0
    opal: 2:0:0


Jeff Squyres
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